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There are many ways you can make a difference in the lives of the children of Romania, and support the work of Casa Harului. Here are a few we would love you to consider.


Costs for most camps are covered by volunteers and fundraising activities they have conducted, as children are often unable to do so themselves. Click here to learn more about financial needs and how you can donate.

Spend 3-5 days serving on one of our camps, and come prepared to learn our language and culture! To learn more about serving as a leader visit our volunteers page or if you have already made up your mind fill in our contact form
How you can help

Help raise awareness about the camp and the needs of the children of Romania by sharing this page with your friends, family, church and invite them to like our Facebook page for updates on what we are doing.



Your prayers make a huge difference. Please continue to pray for our camps and the children who attend them, and consider signing up to our mailing list (to be discussed) or liking our page on Facebook to hear about prayer needs (and answers)

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